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21. Oct 2021

With the 2022 collection, LEICHT documents its expertise in high-quality interior design far beyond the boundaries of the kitchen. The manufacturer from Waldstetten offers an impressive variety of options for planning and designing the entire living space - and thus positions itself as a future-oriented player at a time when the kitchen and cross-room living are increasingly being thought of as one. As an architectural kitchen, LEICHT finds itself in the modern, timeless building.

Here, the company leaves neither aesthetic desires nor individual needs unconsidered and offers a maximum of design freedom in the cross-room planning scenario - from the open kitchen area and living space to bathroom solutions and contemporary dressing rooms. With the new collection, LEICHT is making a powerful statement, an exemplary design of the versatile possibilities for rethinking living in 2022 and beyond. For this, LEICHT has the necessary know-how as well as the appropriate product portfolio of high-quality materials, sensitively coordinated colours and innovative techniques. In addition, the new collection focuses on the product novelty of a filigree, subtly concealed M8 frame on the one hand and the continuation of the successful real wood surface programme BOSSA on the other. All in all, it claims to combine precise workmanship, elegant as well as graphically clear aesthetics and a high level of functionality, while offering that certain something extra in the living space.

M8 drawer - visible purism meets hidden functionality

With the M8 pull-out system, LEICHT is presenting an innovative technical novelty this year which, with its clear, reduced design, continues the elegant signature of the kitchen manufacturer and complements the existing PRIMO, CONTINO and EVO design lines. M8 stands for a carbon grey underfloor frame made of powder-coated steel with a wall thickness of 8 millimetres. Unlike conventional frames, the runner is not located on the side of the drawer but underneath its base. Despite its filigree nature, the solidly welded frame is able to keep the technology of the pull-out system completely hidden and to guarantee reliable stability as well as maximum convenience in use. With this product innovation, LEICHT is reinterpreting an effective basic of interior design and is launching an elegant as well as clearly graphic product on the market that can be used in a variety of ways in kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms and makes a decisive difference thanks to its attention to detail. Because for LEICHT, luxury is not just a question of the obvious - supposedly subtle functions and design decisions such as the purist M8 pull-out system contribute to the overall kitchen experience. The company is thus following the zeitgeist of designing furniture down to its very core - with a minimalist language of form and using high-quality materials.

BOSSA - the successful real wood surface programme for elegant cosiness

With the 2021 collection, LEICHT entered completely new territory and laid the foundation for a new type of room concept and furnishing aesthetics in the upmarket kitchen segment with the BOSSA range. The courage was rewarded; since its market launch, BOSSA has proved to be extremely successful and style-defining for a wide range of planning in the cross-kitchen living area. The characteristic design element is the vertically lined surface structure of the real wood fronts, which achieves a strong expression. Protruding linear bars 7.5 millimetres wide and 5 millimetres apart give BOSSA a delicate, very lively and three-dimensional effect. The overall grid of the rods of 12.5 millimetres corresponds exactly to the vertical joint pattern of LEICHT - a graphic effect that is also used as a model for the new M8 pull-out system. The result is a stringent, visual fusion of kitchen, wall and cupboard fronts into one furniture solitaire. BOSSA is available in two veneers: the version in light oak harks back to a Scandinavian aesthetic characterised by tranquillity, while the version in dark walnut is sublime and elegantly reminiscent of Italian 'grandezza'. BOSSA is architectural, modern, bold - also in the living space of the future.

LEICHT convinces with room-spanning planning diversity in modern interior design.

The M8 frame and the BOSSA real wood surface programme combine to form a holistic concept with which individual solutions can be realised throughout the entire living space. Whether in the cooking, dining or living area, in the dressing room, bathroom, entrance hall or corridor: with the two main components of the 2022 collection, surfaces and furniture can be designed in a uniform material and colour style and thus united to form a coherent overall architectural structure. On the outside, BOSSA dominates the view and lends the interior a warm, homely atmosphere. Inside, when drawers are opened, the filigree yet robust frame maintains the high-quality, minimalist overall appearance. Together, they make a statement for a timeless look - with a purist, luxurious elegance down to the smallest detail.

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