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1. Jan 1970
Made-to-measure in a small space

Creative cube shape solution for optimum use of space. Thinking around the corner: anyone who steps through the entrance door of this residential building in Korb near Stuttgart already finds themselves in the middle of a planning solution from LEICHT. And not in the kitchen? No, because LEICHT consistently thinks kitchen into the living space.

Kitchen ideas
16. Sep 2022
The luxury of combining freedom and retreat in the living space

With this new design from the 2023 collection, LEICHT illustrates a living space that is open to the maximum with gentle zoning, which allows its residents personal development and safe retreat at the same time.

11. Sep 2021
Hygge - a Scandinavian philosophy of life

In Scandinavia there is a word for happiness: "hygge". This term cannot be clearly translated. Hygge is a feeling that is lived and celebrated - a feeling of cosiness, security and warmth. One's own home is of great importance in this context.

1. Mar 2023
The Black Backoffice Kitchen Project

A masterpiece of modern kitchen design - Imagine entering your kitchen and feeling like you're in an exclusive restaurant. The material aesthetics of the fronts and worktops, the appliances, the accessories - all perfectly coordinated. Such a kitchen can be not only a place where you prepare food, but an experience for all the senses.

24. Jan 2023
Filigree, elegant and refined: the slim 12 mm front for extra fine kitchen design

With Contino ≡ 12, we are introducing a new, handleless kitchen front in a thickness of 12 mm and finest manufacture quality, which is part of the 2023 collection.

1. May 2022
LEICHT with Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier

Elegant and room-shaping: LEICHT offers exclusive new kitchen concepts with colours from Le Corbusier.

1. May 2022
Le Corbusier - unique personality

Nature is full of colours. Colour expresses life. Colour is a factor of our existence. Le Corbusier (Charles-Édouard Jeanneret) is considered the most important architect of the modern era. He shaped the ideas we have of modern architecture, indeed of modernity in general.

15. Feb 2022
Room for the essentials

Fossil grey – skilfully showcased and harmoniously coordinated in a new LEICHT kitchen design

1. Oct 2021
Clever interior design - kitchen and room planning in a small living space

Buzzwords such as Tiny Houses, Co-, Micro- and Minimal Living describe new forms of living of our time, which demand an equally new approach to interior design. With customised planning and interior design expertise, the kitchen manufacturer LEICHT addresses precisely this novelty with its "Boarding House" as an example - a portrait of small, large living!

19. Oct 2021
Natural materials popular in the kitchen – a spotlight on stone

The kitchen space is increasingly becoming home to pure nature. Exquisite materials, such as natural stone, are particularly popular and valuable when it comes to planning a luxury kitchen – why? We’ll show you!

21. Oct 2021
The individuality of the classic - this is how cosiness succeeds

Our mission? Cosiness! Whether in a city flat or a farmhouse, we have reinterpreted the classic frame front. In combination with Les Couleurs®Le Corbusier, the result is a timelessly elegant, individual kitchen - and anything but rustic.

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