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Kitchen ideas
11. Sep 2021
Hygge - a Scandinavian philosophy of life

In Scandinavia there is a word for happiness: "hygge". This term cannot be clearly translated. Hygge is a feeling that is lived and celebrated - a feeling of cosiness, security and warmth. One's own home is of great importance in this context.

Image by "PeterSchumacher"

Scandinavians are among the happiest people in the world. Every year, the UN's World Happiness Report selects the countries with the highest quality of life, and for many years the Nordic countries have always been at the top of the list. The question remains: What is the Scandinavian recipe for happiness? It is "hygge". It means finding happiness in everyday things, enjoying the moment, doing something good for yourself and others, making life as beautiful and pleasant as possible. Hygge can be a sociable evening with friends, a day at the lake, an extensive bath or even just a warm cup of cocoa. Especially important for the hygge feeling: your own four walls. A cosy and relaxing atmosphere can be created through the interior design - an all-round homely feeling.

An interior that creates feelings of happiness

Natural materials such as wood, stone or ceramics are especially welcome in hygge interiors. They create a natural flair, stimulate our senses and provide warmth. In combination with light colours, they make rooms appear friendly and lively. In addition - true to the famous guiding principle "form follows function" - functional designs are to be preferred, which are characterised by clear lines and a reduced formal language. Tidiness and order ensure that the lightness of hygge can be fully appreciated. Therefore, there should be sufficient storage space. Overall, the aim is to create a harmonious overall picture and an inviting atmosphere.

The hygge feeling moves in with BOSSA from LEICHT

With the 2021 collection, LEICHT presented the real wood surface programme BOSSA for the first time, which enables a homogeneous design of the entire interior in walnut or oak veneers. Whether in the cooking, dining or living area, in the dressing room, bathroom, entrance hall or corridor: with BOSSA, surfaces and furniture can be designed in a uniform material and colour style and thus united to form a coherent overall architectural structure. BOSSA - especially with the oak veneer version - ties in with the warm and calm aesthetics of the Scandinavian Hygge style in several respects. Slightly raised and vertically arranged, 7.5 millimetre wide wooden sticks line the BOSSA fronts. The fine lines create a uniform structure and thus a calm room ambience, while the three-dimensionality of the surfaces creates atmospheric plays of light. With an oak veneer, BOSSA appears light and airy, the light wood radiates a special warmth and sense of security. Behind the natural fronts, the programme offers clever hidden storage systems that provide plenty of storage space. They can be individually configured and ensure maximum function and convenience when it comes to tidiness. BOSSA by LEICHT thus supports the furnishing of a "hyggelige" home with a special feel-good ambience for the best relaxation and social get-togethers.

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