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Kitchen ideas
19. Oct 2021
Natural materials popular in the kitchen – a spotlight on stone

The kitchen space is increasingly becoming home to pure nature. Exquisite materials, such as natural stone, are particularly popular and valuable when it comes to planning a luxury kitchen – why? We’ll show you!

Scratch-resistant, durable, hygienic and naturally beautiful: the wish list is long when it comes to deciding which materials you would like to use when planning your own kitchen – long, but not too long, because surfaces made of natural stone and ceramics, for example, are essential and a genuine kitchen trend. Thanks to their individual surface finish, they are an elegant design element. But at the same time, the focus is very much on their function – in everyday use, natural materials prove to be particularly practical and easy to use. This is also the case with ROCCA, the elegant natural stone line from LEICHT.

Back to the roots – the LEICHT surface ROCCA

The origin of ROCCA is particularly special: the material is extracted from a quarry, every front is unique – it is individual, cannot be reproduced and is also heat-, cut- and scratch-resistant. Water is no problem for ROCCA either. The front edges feature elegant natural stone and are chamfered along the edges – the attention to detail is clearly visible.

There is a whole range of variants with individual colour gradients and structures. Take a look at the following examples.


Quartzite is a metamorphic rock that is naturally formed from sandy quartz particles and a binder under high pressure and heat. Because of its high quartz content, this natural stone is particularly hard and also acid-resistant and relatively insensitive to scratches. At LEICHT, both the kitchen fronts and the edges themselves are finished with natural stone.

The LEICHT product range features different quartzite variants from Brazil, with individual, iridescent colour nuances. These include the light, friendly-looking surface “Taj Mahal”, the greyish white “White Fantasy”, the particularly elegant quartzite “Negresco” as well as “Breccia Imperiale”, with a subtle reddish shimmering undertone.


Granite is a primary or deep rock that was formed when the earth’s crust cooled down about 500 to 800 million years ago. When handled and cared for correctly, granite is characterised by its hardness and, like quartzite, is also insensitive to scratches, acid-resistant, heat-resistant, particularly hygienic and easy to clean. All LEICHT kitchens feature fronts and edges finished with natural stone.

Granite can be sourced worldwide, a true journey around the world – particularly if you take a look at LEICHT’s product portfolio: “Nero San Marcos” is a granite from Brazil, “Steel Grey” comes from India, the iridescent surface “Nero Assoluto” finds its origin in Zimbabwe and India. And last, but not least, “Black Musk” is a form of granite originating from Persia.

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