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Kitchen ideas
1. May 2022
LEICHT with Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier

Elegant and room-shaping: LEICHT offers exclusive new kitchen concepts with colours from Le Corbusier.

Natural, harmonious and timeless - these are the characteristics of the Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier brand colours developed by Le Corbusier. In their quality as high-quality "architectural colours", they have inspired LEICHT to be the first and only kitchen manufacturer to include selected nuances in its portfolio and to offer them for individual and unique kitchen planning.

Blue "bleu céruléen 31"

The blue shades can be used to loosen up the room; an airy expansion of the space can be created. The moods have a calming effect and convey sensations of waterscape, sea and sky.

Grey & Black "gris foncé 31"

The iron grey. Soft, warm, expressive. Grey stands for calm as well as indifference. With lighter shades of grey, a velvety atmosphere can be created. With the darker shades of grey, objects and surfaces can be placed in the background and in shadows.

Red Ochre & Brown "l'ocre rouge"

As the red of ancient architecture, red ochre behaves similarly to red. Dark red ochre tones can be used to fix surfaces; they consolidate in the room and stand out. The light colours have a restrained, discreet and mural-like effect.

Green "vert anglais

Green is the colour of vegetation, spring and fertility. The shades of English green - with a hint of blue - have a rather quiet, slightly cool and withdrawn effect.

Umbra "ombre naturelle 31"

According to its name (lat: Shcatten), umbra is a shadow colour. In umbra shades, surfaces and objects move into the shadows and withdraw from attention. The presence is decimated; attention is directed elsewhere.

Le Corbusier - Unique personality

Le Corbusier (Charles-Édouard Jeanneret) is considered the most important architect of the modern era......

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