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12. Aug 2021
The house in the jungle, the kitchen in the village

How do you showcase the kitchen area in a luxury villa in the Brazilian forest? Just as you should: as the very centre of life.

Living in the forest is about roaming around, hunting – about survival. It’s not actually that dramatic any more as Oscar Niemeyer’s “Brasilia” shows. This private villa with a kitchen area designed on LEICHT kitchen planning presents Brazil’s jungle capital in miniature: in a swooshing convex roof arch, individual areas set off from each other with glass and natural wood, with sprawling seating terraces, portholes, floor-to-ceiling windows, in brief: visually, the surrounding forest pervades from all sides. As beautiful and exciting as that might be, at the heart of the building, the kitchen area presents itself as a straightforward, down-to-earth sanctuary that very classically conveys the original aspect of a “cooking zone” as a modern kitchen to residents and guests.

The luxury kitchen: sanctuary and social hub

“Living is a great way to develop well defined practices that simply make you happy – and that was our aim in this project in Rio de Janeiro,” say architects Thiago Bernardes and Camila Tariki of their original vision for the building. The rooms merge into one another like a light, airy bossa nova. But all threads seem to converge on the most important ritual, and that is the kitchen area as the fundamental and social centre of the building. Instead of presenting themselves to the dark, shadowy thicket on a silver platter, here the narrow viewing windows turn the observed into observers, especially after the sun goes down ...

Clean lines, curved progression: LEICHT luxury kitchen like a bossa nova

The elongated kitchen area underlines the absolutely parallel lines of the window and table fronts, while the U-shaped, handle-less, glossy kitchen run encapsulates the sweep of the entire building. This measure produces so much storage space that not a single appliance is in evidence to distract a wandering glance. The famous Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier colour vert anglais pâle (pale English green) rounds off the effect by picking up the surrounding greenery and simultaneously making the kitchen shine, complemented by natural wood flooring with equally natural, sweeping dining furniture placed in the middle. It doesn’t matter what noises can be heard outside: here you a person, this is where you want to be. Luxurious kitchens really can make you happy.

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