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TOPOS is a real wood front with veneered surfaces, where the veneers are processed in plank form. Veneer sheets with different colors, patterns, and structures are assembled for this purpose. The goal with TOPOS is to create a calm overall appearance. Nevertheless, differences at the joints are a normal characteristic of this program. Even within a "plank," there may be slightly visible differences in color and grain pattern. KYOTO is based on the TOPOS product with a veneered surface, equipped with a handle made of solid wood in walnut or oak. Due to this difference in material, the color reproduction can only be considered an approximation.

The visual representation may differ in color reproduction from the original due to monitor settings. However, the character of the change remains preserved.

HI 218v ulme natur
H 221h struktureiche abruzzen
H 222h struktureiche natur
H 223h struktureiche barrique
HI 309 bergamo ulme
HI 310v esche madeira
H 312h walnut
H 313h textured oak copper
H 316h textured oak marsh
HI 319v alpineiche natur
HI 320v walnuss natur
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