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Kitchen ideas
16. сент. 2022
The luxury of combining freedom and retreat in the living space

With this new design from the 2023 collection, LEICHT illustrates a living space that is open to the maximum with gentle zoning, which allows its residents personal development and safe retreat at the same time.

Maximum air and light

The feeling of space and freedom can also be experienced within your own four walls. What sounds like a contradiction in terms can be achieved in spacious interiors with an open floor plan, in which the kitchen and living areas flow smoothly into one another. The challenge in planning such rooms lies in their zoning, so that despite maximum openness, places of retreat are also created for the residents. By skilfully creating zones, it is possible to convey a sense of calm and security while at the same time creating self-contained functional areas.

A luxurious scenario is shown here in which cooking and living form a light-flooded unit. The kitchen is conceived as a central place of daily life, which on the one hand serves as a communicative meeting place for communal togetherness and on the other hand offers opportunities for retreat in hectic everyday life. This versatile place is designed with equally versatile materials that are united by their special quality and durability. Perfectly coordinated, they create a harmonious and expressive ambience. The focal point of the design is a handleless island block with integrated seating area, which is designed all around with the successful BOSSA real wood surface programme in walnut and finished off with a natural stone worktop from the ROCCA programme. In combination with the self-contained wall elements with integrated functional and living areas behind it, a visionary scenario is created that conveys a very special feeling of home: a place where there are no limits to personal freedom and flexibility.

Form meets materiality - the key to skilfully zoning rooms.

A room that is open on all sides speaks for itself; it symbolises the maximum development of one's own ideas of living. But even a room that is completely free needs structure in order to be optimally adapted to the needs of the occupants. LEICHT's diverse planning expertise makes it possible to respond to every conceivable interior design requirement, even in open spaces. The choice of shapes and materials plays a very decisive role here - the example presented here illustrates this particularly clearly.

Around the centrally positioned cooking island, the protruding linear rods of the multi-award-winning BOSSA front create a warm-looking, uniform overall appearance. They give the kitchen a three-dimensional and thus very lively effect, while the ROCCA natural stone in the taj mahal sanded shade as a worktop adds a balancing element of coolness. Behind it, two wall elements positioned freely in the room define the necessary structure. On the left-hand side, there is a block-like, recessed tall unit in the dark LEICHT CONCRETE brasilia programme. The concrete surface is handcrafted by applying liquid and coloured concrete to a carrier plate, grinding it and giving it a super-matt lacquer finish. The strong tone, in combination with the cool rough concrete feel, complements a special depth effect.

Analogously, on the right side there is another wall freely placed in the room with sideboards facing the island. The interior of this architecture presents a homely scenario: the illuminated VERO glass cabinets, available in five widths and more than ten heights, form the counterpart as wall units to the sideboard in carbon grey running below, which offers space for the coffee machine or other essential kitchen utensils. A full-width natural stone strip in ROCCA runs above the furniture, creating a direct link to the materiality of the island block. This interplay of material and form results in a unified planning idea that extends across the entire size of the room.

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