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20. нояб. 2023
Global Kitchen Design Award 2023

Our LEICHT | DESIGN Show marks the presentation of the Global Kitchen Design Awards 2023. The winners have been determined and showcase the creative potential of the product portfolio of the architectural brand LEICHT.

Kitchen planning at the highest level: The winners of the Global Kitchen Design Awards 2023 have been announced, impressing with their planning skills that elevate the kitchen to the centerpiece of a living space and give it a timeless modern, representative character. The international design competition, initiated by the architectural brand LEICHT in 2015, received 200 high-quality submissions from 19 countries this year. The diversity and quality of all submitted kitchen and living space designs once again demonstrate the holistic design possibilities achievable beyond the boundaries of the kitchen with the premium LEICHT portfolio. The three winning designs were selected through a multi-stage voting process. In an online voting, an initial preselection was made, from which the three top positions on a global level were finally awarded during the LEICHT | DESIGN SHOW on October 28, 2023, with the participation of trade partners.

Unique in the kitchen industry, the Global Kitchen Design Award is an ideas competition that provides all LEICHT partners, architects, and interior designers with the opportunity to showcase their kitchen concepts to an international audience. The competition serves as a platform for the immense creative potential within the global LEICHT network, comprising over 1,000 contacts. The goal is to inspire trade partners and end customers with ideas for further creative planning and interior design concepts. The digital competition website www.global-kitchen-design.com not only serves as a platform for the annual voting of the best planning projects but also presents a diverse and ever-expanding ideabook of inspiring kitchens from around the world with each edition of the award – a digital creative hub for the kitchen industry and a source of inspiration for individuals.

First place for the planning of ASMO Küchen Freiham with representative character and timeless aesthetics.

The ASMO Küchen Freiham studio secured the top spot on the podium at this year's Global Kitchen Design Award. Awarded was a particularly representative and stylistically sophisticated plan implemented in a luxury villa in Gräfelfing near Munich. With seamless transitions into the living area, onto the terrace, and into the hallway, the kitchen area is seamlessly integrated into the surrounding architecture and designed as the focal point of social interaction. Based on the concept of open and integrative living space design, sophisticated design solutions were implemented, visually ensuring a harmonious unity and creating a timeless aesthetic in line with the Bauhaus style, as desired by the client: high-quality, puristic, elegant, and with clear lines.

The kitchen area consists of a floor-to-ceiling cabinet front with integrated appliances and an island block running parallel to it in full length, complete with seating, a cooktop, and a sink. All kitchen furniture was custom-made specifically for this residence and uniformly designed with the LEICHT PRIMO design line. The PEARL surface program adds a luxurious touch to the handleless fronts, giving them a silky mother-of-pearl effect and providing a lively alternative to matte surfaces. The choice of the citrine color, matching the window frames, exemplifies the client's attention to detail. Another highlight of this plan is the louvered panel placed as an eye-catcher on the island, adding structure and referencing a design feature of the surrounding interior architecture.

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