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Noble minimalism in "Japandi" style

Thanks to selected colours and materials, the open-plan living space radiates warmth, sensuality and naturalness. It features a clear structure and is reduced to the essentials, but still creates a relaxed feel-good atmosphere. The fusion of sophisticated-elegant minimalism - typical of a Japanese furnishing style - and casual-modern cosiness - characteristic of a Scandinavian style - is also titled "Japandi" in the furnishing industry.


Open, bright and friendly with flowing transitions and views of the picturesque landscape, a homely scenario of kitchen, living room and conservatory.

23. май 2024
Dream Home with KYOTO: Stylish Interpretation of the "Japandi" Trend

Elegant minimalism meets relaxed coziness! We present a planning example that illustrates the use of the KYOTO planning principle in high-quality interior design ... and also evokes a longing for the sea and warmth.

Image by "PeterSchumacher"
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3. май 2024
A Game of Reflection: The Silky Shine of the PEARL Surface Program

It’s time to shine! The PEARL surface program from LEICHT’s architecture kitchen uses the silky shimmer of mother-of-pearl to refine modern kitchen spaces. Through special processing, the material gains a fine gloss that captures and reflects light in a unique way. This gives each kitchen not only a luxurious but also a lively aura.

16. сент. 2022
The luxury of combining freedom and retreat in the living space

With this new design from the 2023 collection, LEICHT illustrates a living space that is open to the maximum with gentle zoning, which allows its residents personal development and safe retreat at the same time.

11. сент. 2021
Hygge - скандинавская философия жизни

В Скандинавии есть слово, обозначающее счастье: "hygge". Этот термин нельзя перевести однозначно. Hygge - это чувство, которым живут и которое празднуют, - чувство уюта, безопасности и тепла. В этом контексте большое значение имеет собственный дом.

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