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24. янв. 2024

Timelessness meets Spaciousness. In a tranquil environment near the Latvian capital Riga, there is a modern residential building whose architectural concept is distinguished by skillful play with vertical structures in both facade design and interior spaces.

In peaceful surroundings near the Latvian capital of Riga lies a modern residential building the architectural concept of which is characterised by the skilful interplay of vertical structures in both the façade design and the interior. Its exterior design reveals a subtle balance between modern architectural language and natural surroundings, while the interior harmoniously combines wood and concrete elements.

There is a fascinating mix of materials inside the house: the combination of cool, smooth concrete surfaces and the warm character of wood creates an exciting harmony. This interplay of materials is reflected in every detail and creates an atmosphere that is both modern and inviting. The surface programme BOSSA reflects this material phenomenon with its distinctive structure and high-quality wooden fronts. The full-surface integration of BOSSA in the kitchen ensures that this space is no longer just perceived as a functional area, but as an integral part of the overall living concept – the kitchen is not just a place for cooking, but a meeting place that brings people together and invites them to linger.

The rest of the building’s architecture also demonstrates the balance between strength and warmth. The vertical structures are not only used in the kitchen but also in the adjoining areas. This consistent design decision creates an interior design balance and a consistent look throughout the building. Wood and concrete, two contrasting materials, are harmonised to create spaces that are timeless yet striking.

The low-rise architecture of the villas on Lake Babīte blends seamlessly into the surrounding landscape. This type of construction is a deliberate contrast to the traditional architecture of Riga and shows how modern design can blend respectfully into its surroundings. The use of slats and open surfaces gives the buildings a light and harmonious appearance – a principle that LEICHT also follows in all of its projects.

Take a look at our website for more information on international architecture projects and the kitchens they feature. You can get an impression of this project in Riga in this video:

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