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MADERO is a program that creates a rustic yet elegant appearance. The veneers are board-like, not direction-dependent, and are not arranged in a staggered pattern. Open cracks, which can be up to 5 mm wide, as well as visible knots and swirls with areas of up to 3 cm², are an integral part of the MADERO product. These characteristics can appear multiple times per product. Regarding color reproduction, it is important to note that the absorption of wood stains in the veneer strongly depends on the veneer structure. Tight, compact veneer areas or knots generally absorb less stain and may therefore differ in color from the surrounding areas. A final polyurethane lacquer seal protects the product from normal dirt. Prolonged exposure to persistent dirt may lead to optical changes.

The visual representation may differ in color reproduction from the original due to monitor settings. However, the character of the change remains preserved.

HI 262v wildeiche alpin
HI 263v wildeiche kupfer
HI 264v wildeiche abruzzen
HI 266v wildeiche barrique
HI 267v wildeiche moor
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