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24. янв. 2023
Filigree, elegant and refined: the slim 12 mm front for extra fine kitchen design

With Contino ≡ 12, we are introducing a new, handleless kitchen front in a thickness of 12 mm and finest manufacture quality, which is part of the 2023 collection.

Available with a lacquer finish or in aluminium, the thin front rounds off different room designs with an elegant design language and architecturally clear lines. Thanks to the reduced material thickness, Contino ≡ 12 is not only visually convincing thanks to the high-quality appearance of a handleless surface, but also haptically convincing in direct comparison to thicker standard fronts.

Contino ≡ 12 - a new, slim kitchen front in three dimensions.

Anyone planning a handleless kitchen knows that it is defined by its linearity - it emphasises the horizontal as well as the length of a kitchen unit in a two-dimensional space. The thin 12 mm material thickness of Contino ≡ 12 now picks up a third spatial dimension: Looking at the upper front edge, a particularly clear and reduced architectural line is revealed. This formal straightness is supported by the choice of materials.

Available in the 15 exclusive matt lacquer colours Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier, as well as in all RAL and NCS colours in matt lacquer and the LEICHT aluminium surface ALURO with bevelled edges in the versions silver, oxide titanium and oxide bronze, the result is a harmonious composition of form and surface. In combination with the dark carcase interior colour carbon grey, which is used not only on the inside of the wardrobe systems but also in the pull-out system, the result is a consistent overall appearance on the inside and outside.

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16. сент. 2022
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With this new design from the 2023 collection, LEICHT illustrates a living space that is open to the maximum with gentle zoning, which allows its residents personal development and safe retreat at the same time.

11. сент. 2021
Hygge - скандинавская философия жизни

В Скандинавии есть слово, обозначающее счастье: "hygge". Этот термин нельзя перевести однозначно. Hygge - это чувство, которым живут и которое празднуют, - чувство уюта, безопасности и тепла. В этом контексте большое значение имеет собственный дом.

23. апр. 2023
Love is in the detail: the new LEICHT planning principle KYOTO

The name already hints at where our latest (inspirational) journey is heading: the KYOTO planning principle and real wood range from LEICHT Küchen is inspired by traditional Japanese craftsmanship and the qualities of the products it produces.

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