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1. март 2023
The Black Backoffice Kitchen Project

A masterpiece of modern kitchen design - Imagine entering your kitchen and feeling like you're in an exclusive restaurant. The material aesthetics of the fronts and worktops, the appliances, the accessories - all perfectly coordinated. Such a kitchen can be not only a place where you prepare food, but an experience for all the senses.

Designed and implemented in collaboration with the renowned kitchen studio Spies, Küchen & mehr from Regensburg-Lappersdorf, the Black Backoffice Kitchen project is a stunning kitchen that is not only functional but also a true design gem. The kitchen blends unobtrusively into the slope of the second floor, which is also the living space. The purist tall unit with its passage door conceals the clients' home office behind it; here, the view opens up over the roofs of the neighbourhood.

The eye-catcher is the modern portafilter coffee niche, which, like the island worktop, is also lined with natural stone (infinity brown). The cooking, dishwashing and work island with the 86 base units opens up the view into the extraordinarily tastefully designed living space. The result is a perfect symbiosis of aesthetics and functionality.

Your next kitchen project is coming up and you would also like to have such a great project. Then contact one of our LEICHT trade partners in your area.

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