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9. Oct 2021
What polish! The kitchen version of the “little black number”

The American way of life? This luxurious home in the American state of Texas shows what is crucial in open-plan room and kitchen scenarios.

Who hasn’t got it, that classic piece that you can get out of the wardrobe, put on and look good whatever the occasion? The same is true of the kitchen, as demonstrated by this impressive residential property in Austin in the US state of Texas. Glossy, black and with that certain something – it always looks good, this luxury kitchen from LEICHT, which is compelling above all because of its black and white contrasts: a statement with understatement. Puristically clear, modern planning.

From inside and out: an architectural kitchen through and through

But let’s go back to the start, back to the outside view. The inhabitants of this “all American dream” can consider themselves lucky because with large window fronts that create a visual link to the surrounding nature, it is truly impressive. The different geometric shapes and materials used – ranging from concrete to natural stone – create a multifaceted cubic exterior encouraging passers-by to take a closer look. A successful counterpart to this is the restrained inner courtyard made of gravel with refreshing touches of green.

Cultural practices: the open kitchen space – an American classic

Culturally speaking, something has been clear for quite some time: in countries such as the US, the kitchen has been the hub of family life for many years. Kitchens cover a large area, always have an island and places to sit, and the classic dining room has effectively always been part of the kitchen in such places – as this residential property in Austin shows. The kitchen is open-plan, spacious, luxurious, inviting and connected with the living area – always. This creates a place that invites you to linger and offers space for the whole family as well as friends. The high-gloss lacquered fronts in the well-thought-out LEICHT kitchen play on harmonious contrasts: both the kitchen run and the central island boast a black and white finish, creating a powerful, modern effect – here, the little black number is as classically modern as ever. The elements of the kitchen island facing the living room also cover the pedestal, producing an uncluttered, cohesive overall picture. This design shows how important even the tiniest details are in LEICHT kitchen planning because these really are the proverbial icing on the cake. Just like the choice of discreet griprails which, together with the white fronts, shape the harmonious kitchen concept. The real-wood furniture in the dining area breaks up the colour scheme and conveys natural warmth in the living space.

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