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We provide our dealers and trade partners with a warranty of 5 years. The statutory warranty claims remain unaffected by this warranty. In all other respects, our General Terms and Conditions shall apply.


The guarantee begins at the time of delivery to our dealers and trade partners. The warranty claims lapse immediately after the expiry of the warranty period. Warranty payments/repairs do not affect the term of the warranty nor do they start a new warranty period.

The warranty covers defects and damage that can be proven to have occurred to kitchen furniture parts due to design faults, manufacturing faults, material faults or workmanship faults. We cover the material costs required for restoration. The prerequisite is that original spare parts are still available from upstream suppliers. Excluded from the warranty are assembly and transport costs, compensation for damages or other consequential costs.

The following are not covered by the warranty:

- Parts not manufactured by us, e.g. electrical appliances, lights, fittings, sinks, refuse containers, etc.

- Assembly damage

- Defects due to general wear and tear as well as parts subject to wear and tear, e.g. illuminants, batteries, seals as well as easily breakable parts

- Damage and defects caused by the external effects of heat, moisture or steam

- Damage due to improper use or improper care

- Changes in colour or structure due to light or climatic influences. Lacquer, wood as well as synthetic surfaces are subject to a natural ageing process due to light and environmental influences (smoke, dirt, steam, etc.), which can lead to colour changes. The colour of synthetic, lacquer and real wood parts that are delivered subsequently naturally also differs from existing elements; this is unavoidable and is no reason for complaint. Likewise, different surfaces and materials react differently in terms of colour depending on the type of light. This does not constitute a defect.

The warranty expires in the event of unauthorised changes made by the customer to the delivered goods.


Any warranty claim must be reported to us immediately by the dealer or trade partner. The dealer/trade partner must cooperate in the clarification of the warranty claim and provide an exact description of the damage. Under certain circumstances, it may also be necessary to submit photographic material or hand over the damaged parts to clarify the warranty claim. We will not bear any costs for the clarification of damage. The defect shall be remedied by the dealer/trade partner. For safety reasons, the dealer/trade partner may only have the assembly/this work carried out by trained specialists.

We reserve the right to determine the choice of measures to be taken at our own discretion. This may be a repair or a replacement delivery to the dealer/trade partner. If we are unable to deliver a product identical to the original, it is permissible for the subsequently delivered product to have reasonable deviations in quality, in particular differences in colour or in design. If necessary, an updated version or a more recent technical status can be supplied. Assembly, travel and transport costs as well as other costs are not covered by the warranty.

Anyassignment of rights under this warranty requires our written consent.

// 4. SCOPE

The scope of application extends to all countries in which our dealers/trade partners are located.


German law shall apply. The place of jurisdiction is Waldstetten.

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