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21. Oct 2021
Cooking and living in harmony

5 questions for Stefan Waldenmaier Chairman of the Board of LEICHT - Flexible ideas for a maximum feeling of space.

Mr Waldenmaier, is planning kitchens alone no longer enough for you?

„Think of the kitchen space in a new way, and the idea, including the planning, goes very far into the living space and beyond as a direct extension."

And why does that make sense?

„If you only think from the front to the hob, you forfeit a maximum of design freedom and thus also the possibility of meeting people's individual needs."

Are they so much different today than they were a few years ago?

„Take the scarcity of living space, the speed at which networking is advancing worldwide and the constantly changing job structures - this mobility and flexibility demands a lot from people. So it is obvious to develop holistic housing solutions for the question of higher-level contexts such as co-housing to micro-housing to temporary forms of living."

But I don't have to live "temporarily" for planning by LEICHT, do I?

"We develop flexible ideas for a maximum feeling of space even for minimally small floor plans, regardless of whether it is only lived there temporarily or permanently."

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