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9. Oct 2021
The luxury kitchen as a house rule

Where are things really exactly as they seem? In Taiwan, where a luxury kitchen implemented by LEICHT reflects the overall spectacular architecture.

The kitchen as the centre of a living space: a classic, not only when wonderful fragrances are flowing from that direction. But things get really exciting when luxury kitchens are already part of the calculations during the planning stage – which was the case with a LEICHT Küchen AG customer in Taiwan.

Concrete accentuated with warm shade

The open-plan fitted kitchen is an integral part of the building in every respect. Cylindrical and cubic elements as well as triangles can be found in the latter’s multi-layered construction featuring large quantities of raw concrete. Talking of concrete: its tone is continued in the kitchen with anthracite paint with a response in powder-coated FIOS aluminium shelves, as well as a warming contrast in the wood of the floor units and the Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier colour Ombre Naturelle Moyenne, created by the master – Le Corbusier – soi-même: a successful tribute!

Kitchen idea inspired by Le Corbusier

It is not always possible to have show cooking and conversation running in parallel, which is why the fitted kitchen concept gives guests an elegant option of getting away from the action. Like Le Corbusier’s deep brown shade, the green of the glazed island block of the kitchen bar leads into the more expansive living area like a meadow – partly because the fresh, real green of the garden is reflected in the surface! If the master chef at the stove starts feeling a little cramped, guests do not really feel as if they have left the kitchen when seated at the dining table in the living room.

Modern luxury kitchen for advanced users

But let’s stay in the kitchen – where, alongside a certain homeliness, there is quite naturally a focus on the technology. In addition to the oven, hob, pots and pans, a powder-coated aluminium shelving system with filigree support rods is the complementary inspiration for this. The utility cupboards are playfully asymmetrical in height, while the drawers are tidily organised. You can feel that ergonomics and decoration go hand in hand throughout. In turn, what you see is the building “in a nutshell”: the kitchen as an image of this construction worthy of James Bond, where there is never a dull moment in any corner. When short-sighted planning is often accused of being “thought up around the kitchen”, quite the opposite is the case here.

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