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16. Oct 2021
Minimalist luxury kitchen with vision

Culinary and scenic delights are provided by the interior designed with a LEICHT kitchen in the historic wine town of Klosterneuburg. Fans of minimalist architecture will pop their corks with joy at the sight of this kitchen - literally!

For all those who have not yet thought of our Austrian neighbours when it comes to good wine, we are going on a little pleasure trip to Klosterneuburg. On the right bank of the Danube, Klosterneuburg looks back on a centuries-old history of winegrowing and exports top wines all over the world. Where good wine thrives, so does conviviality. And where do enjoyment and conviviality come together? In the kitchen! At a customer of LEICHT Küchen AG in Klosterneuburg, wonderful views of the surrounding landscape are also included. So it's worth taking a closer look at the modern luxury kitchen in this architecturally spectacular home.

This is how clever minimalism works in the modern kitchen

Amidst lush green meadows and dense forests, with an unobstructed view of the Danube, this impressive private house is situated on a picturesque hillside. On the side of the building facing the valley, floor-to-ceiling windows on all three floors allow you to gaze into the distance. The anthracite-coloured exterior façade made of zinc-titanium panels contrasts graphically with the light interior design of the building. There, the materials concrete, wood and stone alternate on the floors, walls and ceilings. Together they create a harmonious and unique overall picture - it's the mix that makes it! The concept continues in the kitchen of the apartment building. There, the kitchen manufacturer LEICHT makes the hearts of lovers of straightforward and minimalist interior design beat faster. In the open-plan, light-flooded room, the super-matt LEICHT surface BONDI in a deep grey tone visually ensures the kitchen ensemble's noble restraint. The centrepiece is a cooking island whose glossy worktop has a practical anti-fingerprint feature. At the back, it offers generous storage space, where even the most ambitious amateur chef will find room for his equipment. Thus, no utensils interfere with the minimalist picture. At the front, the island block with wooden bar stools invites you to socialise. How about a glass of locally grown wine? Cheers!

Modern luxury kitchen and culinary enjoyment in company - it's a match!

The architect in charge, Zoran Bodrožić, describes what was important when planning the modern kitchen: "For me, the kitchen is one of the most important places in the home, a place of gathering, which must be carefully planned accordingly". And he has succeeded in this with the programme from LEICHT Küchen AG: Thanks to two parallel preparation and cooking areas including griddles, the high-quality kitchen ensemble offers sufficient space for cooking skills, culinary delights and communicative togetherness, even in larger groups. For the good!

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