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12. Sep 2022
Old building romance meets modern kitchen architecture - the story of a kitchen symbiosis

Practical in family life, timeless in aesthetics: the residents of this stylish old flat in Starnberg, Bavaria, had high expectations of their kitchen. The heart of their home was to provide maximum functionality and suitability for everyday use, but visually maintain a clean, minimalist look. Basically, old buildings are a joy to look at; the decorative elements of a bygone era carry so much history that we start to dream. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to interior design, because: Too much kitchen dominance also affects the character of the old building. Sensitivity is called for here! 

Clear kitchen planning in an old building ambience

This flat in an old building in the south of Germany is equipped with a timeless, architecturally stringent LEICHT kitchen design called "Perfect Simplicity", which was realised by the Carola Graul kitchen studio in Adelsried. It blends perfectly into the open-plan living space and even seems to merge with it. The playful old-style boiseries of the surrounding walls as well as the warm-looking herringbone parquet meet the clear forms of the straight-lined kitchen design. Their minimalist expression is reinforced by the dominant light tones.

It's all about the details - also in kitchen planning by and with LEICHT.

The unobtrusive kitchen furniture is designed in the PRIMO design line and with the super-matt FENIX F45 surfaces in the soft merino colour. Sufficient storage space is provided by a practical pharmacist's tall cabinet with motorised opening and wall cabinets in the AVANCE design line, while the built-in electronic appliances disappear behind a generously sized slide-in door tall cabinet. In this kitchen, everything you need is immediately at hand, but just as quickly conveniently stowed away again.

A floating island block runs parallel in front of the cupboards, providing further work surfaces and additional storage space. Visually, it is designed to match the kitchen space, with clear lines and plain FENIX F45 surfaces. The mitred island stringers and fronts bear witness to a coherent planning that permeates down to the smallest detail. Selected objects such as flowers, bowls and lights provide isolated highlights and make the room seem more lively.

Overall, this LEICHT kitchen manages the demanding balancing act between its own strong expression and the necessary restraint so as not to take over the surrounding space. In this way, the charming architecture of the old flat and the timelessly designed kitchen enter into a symbiotic relationship.

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