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1. May 2022
Le Corbusier - unique personality

Nature is full of colours. Colour expresses life. Colour is a factor of our existence. Le Corbusier (Charles-Édouard Jeanneret) is considered the most important architect of the modern era. He shaped the ideas we have of modern architecture, indeed of modernity in general.

Le Corbusier is considered the most important architect of the modern era. He shaped the ideas we have of modern architecture, indeed of modernity in general. When we look at his life's work, we can only marvel at its abundance.

"In architecture, colour is just as powerful a tool as the ground plan and the section. Or rather, polychromy, a component of the ground plan and the section itself." (Le Corbusier)

Le Modulor - closeness to people as a basic value

In 1945, Le Corbusier finally completed the research on proportions that he had been doing for twenty years and for which, 10 years before, he received the title of Dr. h.c. in philosophy and mathematics from the University of Zurich.

Professor Albrecht Einstein said: "It is a language of proportions that makes the bad difficult and the good simple.

Maisons la Roche et Jeanneret | Paris | 1923

A key work by Le Corbusier with skilful colour strategies. Spaces are expanded, connected, closed and dialectical relationships set by colours. In addition to shaping the space, colour serves to emphasise objects. Light grey and light blue background colours expand the space.

Villa Savoye | Poissy | France | 1928

In 1927, a year before receiving the commission for the Villa Savoye, Le Corbusier theoretically underpinned the stylistic achievements of New Building by proclaiming five fundamental principles:

The Five Points of a New Architecture

  • The Post

  • The roof garden

  • The free floor plan

  • The free facade

  • The long window

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