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21. Oct 2021
The individuality of the classic - this is how cosiness succeeds

Our mission? Cosiness! Whether in a city flat or a farmhouse, we have reinterpreted the classic frame front. In combination with Les Couleurs®Le Corbusier, the result is a timelessly elegant, individual kitchen - and anything but rustic.

As if at the push of a button, it evokes memories of the smell of fresh apple pie, baked bread and grandmother's roast. The country kitchen is the epitome of security, it dissolves a large portion of everyday hustle and bustle into thin air and has arrived in today's world with modern technology.


What unites lovers of the classic all over the world is their enthusiasm for craftsmanship and authenticity, for lasting values and timeless elegance. We, too, are appreciated for this, but we distinguish ourselves far beyond this with our innovative planning ideas. "In this field of tension between a value-oriented attitude and the enthusiasm for novel furnishing concepts, we develop kitchens that are unmistakable and full of character," says LEICHT board member Stefan Waldenmaier, describing the new product that was presented for the first time at the Küchenmeile A 30.

New frame programme - modern interpretation

Verve is a new frame programme that comes in a light, modern-looking version: in addition to the classic frame frieze, the front is emphasised by an outer, 10-millimetre slim contour frame that is delimited from the adjacent door by a small cove. With Verve, kitchens can be planned very simply and yet with a charming touch of classicism - for a real country feeling.

The high-quality and elegant colour scheme - including the warm "ombre naturelle moyenne" from the exclusive Les Cou¬leurs®Le Corbusier colour range - creates a harmonious transition to the shelf and wall panel with integrated bench, both of which are made of a dark, finely structured real wood. The harmonious integration of technical components is also characteristic - for example, the encased extractor bonnet becomes an aesthetic sculpture. "From the ceiling to the floor, we enable comprehensive kitchen planning that incorporates the individual interior design and makes the kitchen highly homely," explains Stefan Waldenmaier, CEO of LEICHT.

The aspects of timelessness and individuality are elementary for the planning.

The entire interior radiates coherence and comfort, echoing the traditional kitchen. As an expression of personal style, the colour scheme plays a prominent role, which in the case of Verve extends beyond the fronts to include the worktop and forms a harmonious unit with it. "LEICHT chose Le Corbusier's high-quality shades, among others, because on the one hand they are timeless and universally valid, but on the other hand they also mean an 'expression of individuality' - to use the architect's words. Both aspects are elementarily important for planning," says Stefan Waldenmaier about the new developments. The "ombre naturelle moyenne" shade chosen by LEICHT for the Verve range of frames was described by Le Corbusier as a "shadow colour" and is therefore ideal for giving the kitchen a light, discreet look. "In umbrate shades, surfaces and objects warp into the shadows and withdraw from attention. The presence is decimated: attention is directed elsewhere," is the architect's definition. In addition to the total of 15 colours from the Les Couleurs®Le Corbusier spectrum, all RAL and NCS colours are available in matt or high-gloss lacquer.

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